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Molded-in Inserts

We provide a large array of threaded inserts that have leading designs that serve for all types of molded-in use. All of our inserts are manufactured to the tightest tolerances which provide the firmest fits in molds made from many materials. These molded inserts are available in many different types including studded and slotted. Below are the prices for our standard knurled threaded insert that is featured in the picture. All inserts are available in quantities of 1,000 or more.

Molded-In Inserts are designed for molding into plastics, rubber and ceramics

Two Groove Open

Two Groove Closed

Regular Open

Regular Closed

Molded-in, Standard, Open Inserts and Pricing
Molded-in, Standard, Closed Inserts and Pricing
Molded-in, Two Groove, Open Inserts and Pricing
Molded-in, Two Groove, Closed Inserts and Pricing

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