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Low to High Volume Inserts specializes in custom and stock inserts that will meet your manufacturing needs. We provide aviation and military grade products at fractions of the price of our competitors. Our minumum order is 1,000 and can produce many tens of thousands per month if needed.

Molded-in Inserts

Molded-in threaded inserts are our specialty. Manufactured out of brass, stainless steel, steel or aluminum, we manufacture these inserts at as low as 50% of our competitor’s prices. All molded-in inserts are manufactured to the specified tolerances and we are able to handle even high volume orders. Available models include: open end, closed end and studded end inserts. Click here to download our molded-in insert catalogue page.

Self-tapping Inserts

Our self-tapping inserts are precision machined to thread straight and easily into almost any host material. Host metals can include plastics, metals and wood. Custom materials and sizes are available. We can design our self-tapping inserts to thread in either direction to suit hopper feed and automation. Click here to download our self-tapping catalogue page.