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What We Offer

At we offer more than just stock insert sales. We specialize in producing high volume threaded inserts but also offer the following services.

Custom Design

Our custom design department can help you design your custom insert to meet your product and manufacturing needs. We can design with many different materials for various uses and production feed methods. Click here to contact us regarding our design services.

Prototype and Product Development

Many new product lines and parts have not gone past the design phase and are in need of being tested. We can help you develop prototypes of many insert types that can be tested and perfected for your unique use and product line. Click here to contact us regarding our prototype and development services.

Product and Manufacturing Consulting

Our consulting services can help your company reach its highest potential and peak efficiencies. Through product development to manufacturing production and automation we can provide the custom machinery and process systems that will help you get to the next level of product manufacturing. Click here to contact us regarding our product and manufacturing consulting services.

Contract Manufacturing

We can manufacture many different products. Specializing in full automation we are able to compete domestically against foriegn manufacturers. Click here to inquire about our contract manfacturing services.

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